According to the notice of the call for proposals DG EAC/22/06 of the Commission one of the main goals of the EQF is “linking qualifications systems for both general/higher education and vocational education and training at the national and sectoral levels and enabling them to relate to each other”. The proposal submitted by the Hungarian National Institute of Vocational Education wishes to contribute to this particular goal via the engendering of close cooperation and the exchanging of experiences with the partner countries, and the establishment, convergence and testing of the qualifications frameworks of eight selected sectors.

As the first step of the 2-year project, partnerships will be created between the various institutions of the participating countries. In the course of organizing the partnerships, the applicant institution paid particular attention—in addition to the geographical representativity of the countries—to including countries that have already attained significant success in terms of the establishment of national and sectoral qualifications frameworks, as well as countries that can use the experiences of those more experienced countries in their efforts to create their own national and sectoral qualifications frameworks. In addition, countries that are on the verge of acceding to the EU have also been selected in order to enable them to achieve the goals of legal and technical harmonization with EU Member States more easily with the help of experiences gained during the project. Our goals include the provision of an opportunity to discuss the experiences the participating countries gained in terms of the development of their national and sectoral qualifications frameworks as well as the establishment of the qualifications frameworks of the eight selected sectors contained in the work plan and the convergence thereof to the EQF. All of this is to be achieved within the context of lifelong learning, as the work plan covers general education, higher education and vocational training. We plan to utilize the expertise of the representative organizations and institutions of the labour market, education and training within the individual phases of project work.

Based on documents compiled by experts beforehand, the national and sectoral qualifications frameworks of the partner countries will be presented and tested at a conference that is to be held within the project period using the European Qualifications Framework as a common point of reference. Afterwards the qualifications frameworks of the eight selected sectors are going to be drawn up, and in the countries where these already exist the convergence thereof to the EQF will be started The frameworks thus created will then be tested at a conference presenting the various learning outputs in practice. We wish to place great emphasis on quality assurance and valorisation during the entire duration of the project, the detailed description of which is contained in the quality assurance and valorisation plans, respectively.

Partners: Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Spain, Sweden